Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why do you charge so much?
    My rates live up to the quality of work that you will receive from me. I have to take into account taxes and insurance payments as well, since I am an independent contractor and not your employee. My time is valuable, just like yours!
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    Why should I trust you with my information?
    I am here to help people run their busy lives more efficiently, not out to get people. I treat your information and business as I would want someone to treat my own. I have a business and a family to take care of, too. Also, I keep my computer secure.
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    How do you keep your computer secure?
    I have a virus protection program and firewall security on my computer that is purchased, not one of those free ones. I am aware of the tactics of hackers, so I am conscientious of the websites I go to, the links I click on, and the files I download.
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    Why are there so many stipulations on your terms and conditions and contracts?
    The Terms and Conditions and the contracts for each client are set in place to protect me and my business and you and your business. If there are problems while we work together, we refer back to these documents for clarification or legal protection.
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    Why do you do this VA stuff?
    I love tasks and technology. I love helping people with tasks so they can spend their precious time on more important matters, like their family. I have acquired lots of technical knowledge and want to share. I also enjoy helping my family financially.
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    How do I pay you?
    I accept payments through PayPal. This is the only way I accept payments at this time. An account is free to set up and the system is secure. You put credit card information in PayPal then PayPal handles the transaction, keeping our personal info secure.
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    When is payment due?
    This is ultimately determined by the contract between us. Usually, for a reserve of hours, payment is due up front. For hourly jobs, I send an invoice the first week and then every two weeks. Payment is due within one week of the invoice date.
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    Where did you learn all of this tech stuff?
    When I was five, I created a 32 slide presentation with sounds and animation for a school project. So I've been on computers regularly my whole life. I worked at a company's Help Desk for over a year, and I have a MSEd in Science and Technology.

T&Cs You Want To Be Aware Of​ 

Highlights of the Terms and Conditions

There is a $50 starting fee for new clients. This covers all the preliminary setup on my part, including the contract writing and the account organization.

I have the right to say "no" to working with anyone that I feel will not be a good match. These people usually want me to run their business, do not give enough notice on tasks that are timely and will take a long time, do not pay on time, or do not agree to all of my Terms and Conditions.

​Due to my own home schedule, I only take a few clients at a time, so there will be times when my doors are shut to new or currently inactive clients. This will either be displayed on my site or I will let you know when you contact me.

If we sign a contract for a reserve of hours, which I prefer to do because there is less paper work, the compensation is due within one week of signing the contract or when 2 hours are completed, which ever comes first.

If we sign a contract by the hour, I invoice the first week I work with a new client, then every two weeks thereafter, and expect compensation within one week.

I use PayPal to receive compensation.

I work completely virtual. This means I am not under any obligation to meet you in person. Phone calls are the next best thing.

Your information is safe with me. I have a business and I understand the confidentiality issues. I will not sale or distribute your personal information nor information about how you conduct your business.

I work as an independent contractor, not your employee.

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