Services & Rates

Secretarial Services
It is just like having a personal assistant, but virtual! All bosses need an assistant. Let my task-driven, organized, computer savy self be yours!
  • Calendar management - coordinating meetings, setting up a google calendar, setting up reminders, dividing personal and work calendars
  • Email management - responding to emails with your canned responses, organizing emails into folders, creating filters
  • Booking anything online - travel arrangements, gifts, restaurants, event sites, flowers, conference tickets
  • Online research - researching current events, research studies, marketing information in your niche, and social media trends
  • Usually purchased through a reserve of hours over a set time period
  • $50 Starting Fee* + $30 per hour
  • You tell me your current procedures and I will work to get tasks completed!
Editorial Services
If you just have time to get your thoughts on paper, let me be the one to proofread and format. I love grammar and will make sure your customers know you do too.
  • ​Editing, formatting, proofreading:
    • ​Blog posts
    • Scheduled social media posts
    • Email templates (welcome emails, canned responses, work inquiry emails)
    • Downloadable files
    • Online courses
    • Contracts (NOT editing for legality, just proofreading and formatting)
    • Presentations
    • PDF documents
    • Surveys and forms
    • What else can you think of? Contact Me!
  • Usually charged by the project OR purchased through a reserve of hours over a set time period
  • $50 Starting Fee* + $30 per hour​
Technical Services
I like technology and technology usually likes me. If you disagree with any part of the previous statement, I'm here to help you.
  • ​Video uploading
  • Social media scheduler setup
  • Google Calendar setup and organizing
  • Gmail setup and organizing
  • Google Drive setup, organizing, and sharing
  • Webinar setup and managing
  • Blog setup
  • Website setup (NOT design services. I use pre-made designs.)
  • Training on any of this plus computer settings (mainly PCs, some Mac)
  • What else do you need? Contact Me!
  • Usually charged by the project
  • $50 Starting Fee* + price per project (Price ranges on average from $30-600, projects above are in order from low to high time committment and price, and price will be based on your specific needs.)

T&Cs You Want To Be Aware Of

There is a $50 starting fee for new clients. This covers all the preliminary setup on my part, including the contract writing and the account organization.

I have the right to say "no" to working with anyone that I feel will not be a good match. These people usually want me to run their business, do not give enough notice on tasks that are timely and will take a long time, do not pay on time, or do not agree to all of my Terms and Conditions.

​Due to my own home schedule, I only take a few clients at a time, so there will be times when my doors are shut to new or currently inactive clients. This will either be displayed on my site or I will let you know when you contact me.

If we sign a contract for a reserve of hours, which I prefer to do because there is less paper work, the compensation is due within one week of signing the contract or when 2 hours are completed, which ever comes first.

If we sign a contract by the hour, I invoice the first week I work with a new client, then every two weeks thereafter, and expect compensation within one week.

I use PayPal to receive compensation.

I work completely virtual. This means I am not under any obligation to meet you in person. Phone calls are the next best thing.

Your information is safe with me. I have a business and I understand the confidentiality issues. I will not sale or distribute your personal information nor information about how you conduct your business.

I work as an independent contractor, not your employee.

Highlights of the Terms and Conditions